What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage And Why Should You Try It?

Usually when people hear about Lymphatic Drainage Massage one of two things happen, they have never heard of it, or assume it is a specialized type of medical massage therapy. While it’s reputation as being a medical form of massage is accurate, it has become a technique of choice, especially as a beauty treatment, due to its multitude of aesthetic and health benefits; And we think everyone needs to try it!

So what is Lymphatic Drainage massage?

Lymphatic Drainage massage is an effective and gentle massage technique used to cleanse the body naturally, while encouraging blood circulation and improving the immune system. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up and this type of massage encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body and drains excess fluid. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins within the bodily tissues.

During a Lymphatic Drainage massage, a Rejuve massage therapist will use a light  pressure and stretching motions over the client’s body, from feet to finger tips! The light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system which causes debris found throughout the body to filter out.  This results in an all natural full body detoxifying effect.

What are the benefits?

Lymphatic Drainage massage offers many medical benefits, including aiding with swelling and managing various health conditions. The immune system is tied directly to the lymphatic system. In fact, Lymphatic Drainage massages can improve the function of the immune system and increase the production of antibodies that fight off infections and even flush out byproducts and anesthesia post-surgery. It is not uncommon for doctors and surgeons to actually refer Rejuve for Lymphatic Draining as part of healing!

This massage technique is great for medical purposes, but has become a popular spa treatment too! Our Lymphatic Drainage help to regenerate tissues to reduce scarring and cellulite, especially when combined with our signature Infrared Wraps.  This massage approach at the beginning of all wraps is a skincare hack you’ve got to try, and can even help with acne, or hormonal imbalances. We even have clients who swear it helps to manage allergies and headaches. Other clients turn to us for Lymphatic Drainage massage and Infrared Wraps as effective, natural approach to for pain relief, digestive problems, weight-loss, and reducing stress.

Is Lymphatic Drainage massage right for you?

Lymphatic Drainage massages can benefit people with Lympedema and other various conditions. It is a very safe and extremely effective technique that is useful for many conditions where lymph flow may be compromised. Swollen limbs caused by a sports injury, post-surgery, or if you’re a diabetic may suffer from an accumulation of fluid and require this highly specialized massage treatment.

Of course, those who are in good health can also benefit from this type of massage, as a properly functioning lymphatic system is essential to your overall health. Not to mention it can improve the overall look of your body!

Speak with a Rejuve therapist to determine why you should choose a Lymphatic Drainage massage over a more traditional massage, combine two styles, or opt for an Infrared Wrap that includes Lymphatic Drainage

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