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Infrared Body Wrap


Rejuve infrared sauna and body wraps offer an intense, detoxifying, full-body sweat for weight-loss and inch-loss in a single treatment.

Infrared saunas and wraps use light to create heat and raise your body temperature, mimicking sweating and increased heart rate elicited by exercise, compared to traditional saunas that use heat to warm the air. Our sauna and wraps are able to heat your body up to 55 degrees Celsius whereby your body uses energy (calories) to cool down. With fat becoming water soluable at 43 degrees Celsius,your body in then able to release this fat through perspiration. Our infrared sauna is recommended for 30-minute use and can be used on its own or added to any Rejuve treatment. Our infrared wraps include a weigh, measure, lymphatic drainage massage, 45-minute sweat in the infrared body wrap, followed by electrolytes and firming butter. You may also choose to add on* an Epsom salt body scrub and/or reflexology foot massage during your treatment!

An all-natural treatment, infrared sauna and wrap therapies have many benefits, including:
  • Detoxification – sweat out all the toxins that build up in your body from processed foods, soaps, make-up, cleaning products, air pollution and more
  • Relaxation – infrared heat is like a gentle, warm hug that that soothes you to promote relaxation and improved sleep
  • Lowered blood pressure – infrared heat gets your heart pumping fast! This increased blood flow can help lower blood pressure by using a infrared sauna regularly
  • Anti-aging and skin purification – infrared heat is sometimes referred to as red light therapy and is an effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Infrared light can stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone, helping diminish the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, all infrared wraps start with a lymphatic massage using Rejuve oil, and end with Rejuve firming butter.
  • Improved circulation and cell health – infrared heat can increased blood flow to twice its usual rate! Stimulating your circulatory system helps carry oxygen throughout your entire body and can aid in muscle recovery and even strengthen your immune system
  • Pain relief and healing – from minor aches to chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia, infrared heat penetrates your joints and muscles to relax and heal at increased rates.
  • Weight-loss and inch-loss – studies have shown that infrared heat can burn up to 600 calories in just 30-minutes! As your body sweats and works to cool itself, you experience increased cardiac output and an increased metabolic rate that lasts even after your session is finished. At Rejuve we weigh and measure before and after every wrap to show your weight and inch-loss per session


Infrared Sauna (30 Mins) $20 – drop in
Infrared Body Wrap (90 Mins) $119 – Single treatment

Sauna Packages available

6 pack $100
10 pack $160
12 pack $180

Infrared Body Wrap Packages available

4 pack $436
8 pack $792
12 pack $1068


“I never thought it was possible to rid the cellulite from my body, I’ve had it my whole life. I’ve referred rejuve! 15 clients, you truly changed my life. I can now wear a bathing suit and feel comfortable. I warn everyone it’s addicting and it truly is. Thanks girls!”

- Pamela M