Sweating your way to weight loss and your summer body in Calgary

The sweaty secrets to a body you love, smooth skin, and a healthy glow 

With summer around the corner, it’s crunch-time (literally, do your crunches) to feel good in your skin and body! If you are you looking for ways to kickstart your summer diet and loose those first or last few pounds, Rejuve’s answer is to sweat! 

For the past 15 years we’ve been infrared wrapping our clients for inch-loss, weight-loss, and softer, smoother, cellulite-free skin. For our clients who want to flaunt their bikini bodies like a Kardashian, or simply feel more confident when wearing clothing like shorts or tank tops that show more skin, infrared technology is a must-try. These wraps and saunas have been common in Calgary spas for years, but with celebrities taking advantage of the latest weight loss movement sweating off fat is “hot” again and we’re here to tell you how it works, and why you’ve got to try it! 

The idea or goal behind an infrared body wrap, also known as a sweat bed by most celebrities, is that you sweat away inches and literally “melt fat” through detoxification and lymphatic drainage. In a single session you can burn up to 600 calories, all while napping if you please! What’s better than that? The infrared sauna and body wraps offered at Rejuve allow you to relax while using infrared rays to heat and raise your body temperature from the inside out. This causes your body to sweating and increases your heart rate, which is typically stimulated by exercise. These saunas and wraps penetrate a few inches deep into your skin and are able to heat your body to 55 degrees Celsius whereby your body then uses energy (calories) to cool down, burn excess inches, essentially melting away body fat. This differs from traditional saunas that use heat to warm the air. 
After your Infrared body wrap or sauna treatment is over, your body and metabolism continue to work in overdrive. All of which contribute to losing those stubborn last few pounds, or kickstarting your diet and weight-loss journey! 

At Rejuve, our 90-minute body wraps are recommended to achieve your desired body results. Rejuve’s infrared wraps start with a weigh-in and measure which are recorded on your private chart to track your results. In just one session, you will see with your own eyes the changes! In a few sessions, prepare to be amazed! After your weight and body measurements, you will enjoy a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage followed by a 45-minute sweat in the infrared body wrap, followed by electrolytes, and firming butter that you can apply to your most troublesome areas to tighten and tone. In addition to losing inches and weight quickly, these wraps offer other benefits like detoxification, more energy, and better sleeps. Sweating out all the toxins that build up in your body from processed foods, make-up, and air pollution is an important part of staying healthy and we’re all about the natural approach to detox through sweat and natural products like epsom salts. 

Additionally, we offer packages including the slightly slimmer, which includes 4 wraps and a 9-day isagenix cleanse OR dramatically slimmer which includes 8-wraps and a 30-day cleanse. Our specialists support and coach you through your weight-loss journey, and when you can see the scale and measurements change with every session, there’s truly nothing more motivating that that! 

A winning combination to achieve your body and bikini goals this summer, or simply to help you detox, relax, and just feel better about your overall health, infrared wraps are a secret that we can’t wait to share with you! Contact us any time to learn about sweating your way to your summer body goals, fast! You can also visit our beauty and wellness spa in Calgary’s NW community of Kensington. When you’re here don’t forget to ask us about upgrades including epsom salt scrubs. bentonite clay masks, or reflexology foot massages too! 

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(Warning: you may get addicted… we know we are!)