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Rejuve is located in the Kensington Area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our spa clinic is located next door to Quickly Tea Shop and across the street from The Running Room.


Rejuve specializes in one proprietary treatment approximately 1.5 hours long. The Rejuve treatment is both relaxing and intense incorporating natural therapies (pure essential oils and massage) with modern science (infrared heat). Treatment results are both immediate and measurable.

Since our opening in 2003, we have helped thousands of Calgarians slim down and detoxify their bodies. While some clients come to Rejuve for a quick fix, the majority of our clients have incorporated Rejuve treatments into their healthy lifestyles based purely on its effectiveness and noticeable long term benefits.

The effectiveness of our treatment has quickly gained it popularity and recognition and in 2005, Rejuve was featured on an episode of the Gemini Award winning television show, “taking it off”, a reality television series about weight loss.

Our mission is to provide the highest level customer satisfaction through immediate and measurable results for every client, every treatment.

Elanna Halisky


"Whatever the mind can believe and conceive it will achieve" ~Napoleon

Very passionate about Health & Wellness for over 13 years

When I’m not at rejuve! I’m at Bodhi Tree, Evolved or home relaxing and cooking.

Love to travel, meet new people and eat amazing food!

"The body is your temple keep it clean and pure for the soul to reside in" ~B.K.S Lyenyar

Amanda Fox

RMT, Wrap Technician

I've been a massage therapist for 2 years in Calgary.

I took my massage therapy training at the Lethbridge College.

"Time spent getting a massage is never wasted."

I love sports especially Soccer and Rugby

" And though she be but little, she is fierce" - Shakespeare

Nicole Muise

Wrap Technician, Lash and Brow Specialist, and Reflexologist

Deborah Langman

Cleanse Coach, Manager

I’ve been passionate about Health & Wellness my whole life

When I'm not at rejuve! I love cooking and hosting events

I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening and watching Law & Order

Love working out at Evolved Health.

Happy Mother of 7 women! and 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter

Trudy McKinnon

RMT, Wrap Technician

"Give our fullest attention to whatever the moment presents" -Echart Tolle

Keep hoping, trying, believing

Simply connect

"Is that so?" "This, too, shall pass." -Echart Tolle

"Is it kind? Is It true? Is it worth repeating?"

Results at Rejuve! are both immediate and measurable. We track your results pre and post session. We invite you to schedule an appointment to see how your body changes in just one session.

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